DIY Clogged Drains

Last time, we discussed seasonal plumbing tips. We’ve all had the unpleasant of a clogged drain. Whether it’s a slow drain or a fully stopped up one, a clogged drain is usually something that the resourceful homeowner can take care of themselves. Here are some of the most common clogs that you might experience and how to handle them.

The reason I like this is because much of the commercially available drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that emit poisonous fumes and discharge toxins into water treatment systems and streams. Not a good luck for the DIY plumber.

Sometimes, the clog is too much for even the most effective drain cleaner and requires manual intervention.When that happens, turn to the advice of a professional plumber…

If even that doesn’t fix things, you’ve probably guessed that the problem may be beyond a DIY solution. A professional plumber is the answer. You know what to do – find plumber in your area.

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